katy perry john mayerKaty Perry stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning to chat about her love life and maybe also at some point her career. I think we’re all a little putt-off when it comes to Perry and her gentleman John Mayer, and she revealed some oddball relationship insights to Ellen DeGeneres.

Given that they’re both singers, they frequently need vocal rest, meaning no talking or whispering at all. Perry explained:

“I understood that he couldn’t talk, and the only way he could communicate was through an iPad. Some days I have to go on complete vocal rest, like no anything, no whispering. Whispering is actually really bad. There’s just a lot of silence in our house most of the time.”

It sounds like an eerie haunted silent sex den! Well, nobody said anything about sex but whatever. It’s Friday.

Then Mayer himself showed up to “surprise” Perry ostensibly while she was working at her job. The crowd obviously went wild, and the singing lovebirds talked about their song, “Who You Love.” According to People, the song “is about persevering through the ups and downs of a relationship. And Perry says she’s glad she did that with Mayer through their time together.”

Perry pontificated on her relationship theory:

“I think when two people are involved, someone other than yourself, you have to figure out a compromise in a good way. And there’s a lot of respect. We have a lot of fun. You know, we have music as an understanding and love between each other, and we connect, and you know it’s like he understands what I do because he does the same thing. And so after a long day, if it’s been tough, I don’t really have to go into it. He just gets it. You know, so it’s nice with that understanding.”

Okay, I maybe need to walk back my snark a little bit. All negative feelings towards Mayer aside, this is a really beautiful statement about finding the person you can be the most comfortable with in the world. I take it all back. These two are great and seem to make each other genuinely happy. Obviously their silence is a professional necessity and not a lack of communication, and miming and pictionary actually sound like a lot of fun. Go wild, you crazy kids!

Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show