Much has been made today of Kristen Stewart‘s flagrant wearing of Robert Pattinson‘s hat in her first public appearance since she ruined NuttyMadam’s life by sort-of cheating on her man. Jenni over at our sister site Crushable thinks it’s a sign that they’re on their way to reconciliation, while I prefer to think she’s pretending to twist the knife in deeper so that people will hate her even more and she will be super freed from her onerous Hollywood career.

Which brings me to this question: do you keep your ex’s clothes after a break up? And how soon is too soon to resume wearing them? I know that when Bad College Boyfriend dumped me, it took me a long time to be able to hold it together in his presence for long enough to give him his shit back, which led to many nights of me crying into his favorite t-shirt about how I was going to be alone FOREVEEEER. Conversely, there was a pair of my pants that I just let him keep because honestly, they looked better on him. (Wimpsters!)

I think a good rule of thumb that I just made up is that if you wore something so much it basically became yours, you can keep wearing it unless the person asks for it back, but only if you’re sure they’re not going to see you in it for a good six months, and only if you’re not being trailed by the paparazzi. It also helps if you were the wronged party (in which case you’re entitled to act as nuts as you please) and/or it wasn’t very serious to begin with. But maybe I’m entirely off base. Taking into account factors of hurt feelings and emotional healing, do you think it’s okay to wear your ex’s clothes after a break-up?

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