Crystal Harris is not making any friends by roundly denouncing Hugh Hefner’s sexual prowess. As you may recall, Harris, Hef’s former fiance, recently went on the Howard Stern show and blasted Hef for being less than virile in the sack. It was an awkward interview, and it felt mean-spirited even to the average listener such as myself.

In the wake of the interview, Hef immediately called Harris’ claims lies, and suggested that maybe she was trying to impress a new boyfriend. Then, a bunch of Playmates got on Hef’s side, saying that he’s doing just fine in bed and that he does indeed have an active sex life.

Now, heavy hitter (Playboy-wise) Kendra Wilkinson has waded into the fray. She told People that even though she’s come clean about her relationship with Hef erring on the side of the platonic, she would never have done what Crystal did:

“We both knew our place,” Wilkinson says of her and Hefner. “He knew that we were friends. I knew that we were friends. But to [plan to] get married and then be a backstabber to someone like that — to take it to that level and then go and backstab, that’s, like, cruel, you know?”

As a fan of Playboy and of Hef, I’d just like to point out that the fact that so many current and former Playmates are crawling out of the woodwork to defend him says a lot about the way that he treats them.

Unless, of course, those Playmates are on the PR payroll, too. Dammit, is anything as it seems?!