murder your sex driveHaving a raging sex drive is no fun. Not only do you want to fuck all the time, but you want to fuck all the fucking time. You want quickies, longies and everything in between. You want orgasms on a level so greedy that it’s all you think about morning, noon, night and whatever else comes in between. While I’m not going as far as to delve into the sex addiction category, I am saying that having a high sex drive can be a real pain in the ass. (Pun!)

As it is with increasing a libido, you can also decrease it as well. Hell, you can even kill sex drive with just a few handy tricks. It’s not hard, it just takes commitment to the cause.

So, my lovely sex-obsessed fiends, think of your sex drive as a wasp, and me the Raid coming at you at full speed. After this, your sexual desire will need a body bag.

Photo: Wikipedia