Every time you see Kim Kardashian, remember that she has made a choice and that choice was wanting to be looked at. Everything–what she’s wearing, what she’s holding, what she’s endorsing, where she’s standing–was a deliberate decision to garner more attention because if you don’t believe in her she will die. Also remember that, in all likelihood, she got some assistant to tip off the paparazzi. Hence: Kim and Kanye West PDA.

It’s official, they’re a couple, she just had to stir up a little something before confirming flat-out.

The whole Kardashian family was apparently out promoting the opening of Scott Disick‘s restaurant because not enough industries have been infiltrated by them. Here they are, doing the only thing they know how to do…

If you squished them all together, do you think you could make a complete human soul?

And onto more important questions…

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(All photos via Daily Mail)