kim kardashian

Were you one of those kids who had an uncomfortable conversation with your mother about getting birth  control in high school? Kim Kardashian was one of those kids!

According to TheFrisky, On Oprah’s Next Chapter (Oprah has a next chapter? I thought we bell, book and candled that) Kim Kardashain stated that she asked Kris to put her on birth control when she was just 14. Apparently she said that she felt she was ready to have sex, and then Kris went and got her birth control.


I remember when I was 15 I was visiting a friend’s house and her mother mentioned that thre were condoms on top of the refrigerator in case we ever needed them. First off – on top of the refrigerator is a weird place to store condoms, I think. And it occurred to me, at the time, to say “we are on the debate club. We just want to go over some policy arguments, and make fun of those Lincoln/Douglas kids. That may be a long way off, that stealing condoms off your refrigerator thing, lady.”

And then I asked my mother to set me up with a gynecologist appointment for birth control when I was 18. That is my story. So, I was not keeping up with Kim, there.

Pic via TheFrisky