Kim Kardashian is not known for taste, perspective, or subtlety, but neither is her fiancé. Kanye West is more known for being over-the-top, ostentatious, and quite generous when it comes to lavishing gifts on Kardashian, which is why we were so surprised when she Instagrammed her Valentine’s Day gift of 1,000 red roses.

That’s a lot of roses, and flowers aren’t exactly cheap, but having 1,000 red roses delivered is the celebrity equivalent of showing up out of breath with a Hershey bar and a single red rose bought from CVS at 10 p.m. Brad Pitt isn’t known for being nearly as splashy as Kanye West, and he reportedly gave $3,000 diamond necklaces to his daughters for Valentine’s Day, and none of those girls is over 10 years old.

Red roses stand for love, but they’re kind of an annoying flower. They’re not that pretty, they generally don’t smell that good, and they’re just sort of done and generic. Considering that Kanye West gave Kim an Hermes Birkin covered in naked ladies for Christmas, we really thought he’d do something crazy like buy her a racehorse that had been shaved and tattooed all over with her face on it.

While we are not big fans of Kim Kardashian and think Kanye West is a very talented guy who is stunningly egotistical and has no filter, in many ways they are a dream couple. They’re both outlandish fame seekers with no capacity for embarrassment, and they really seem to make their relationship work. Kanye is so in love he has convinced himself that Kim is talented, despite all evidence to the contrary. They’re ridiculous, but we really like them together. They give us hope that there really is someone out there for all of us.