But what became of the belly chain?

The saga of Kim Kardashian‘s sham marriage to idiot manchild Kris Humphries sputters on. Apparently Humphries is now refusing to sign divorce papers until Kim admits their marriage was fake. Exactly:

Kris Humphries is refusing to divorce Kim Kardashian unless she gives him a “public apology” and admits “the entire wedding was staged by her and her family.”

Sources tell us Nets star Humphries is holding back on a divorce settlement with the reality raven and even turned down a $7 million offer from her to “shut up and go away.”

Of course, if the marriage was fake, isn’t Humphries complicit? We suppose the infamously manipulative family could have distracted him with shiny objects so he didn’t read the fine print, but why should Kim have to admit what he agreed to/everyone knows already?

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