While on Chelsea Lately Tuesday, Kristin Chenoweth discussed the freshly reestablished engagement between Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner. “In 2001, Crystal who is 26 — no judgment, only love — called off their wedding day five days before she was to marry (cough) 86-(cough)-year-old Hefner. Sources say that Crystal is ready to give marriage with Hugh a try now and that she is taking time to become independent and stand on her ‘own two feet’.” I realize that it’s difficult to completely get the tone via text, so here is the clip if you so choose to watch it.

Chenoweth clearly ridicules the idea that Harris would be willing to “stand on her own two feet,” wondering what the couple could possibly talk about (“applesauce and the Great Depression?”) while a host blatantly goes on to call Harris “the best of gold diggers.”

Look, I understand people being weirded out by their relationship; I, for one, can’t imagine dating somebody older than my grandfather. On the other hand, how is she inherently a “sinister gold digger“? I get that she left him just before their wedding after allegedly cheating on him with Dr. Phil’s brooding son, but forgive me if I don’t automatically trust “a source.” If I were her, I would probably exist the situation simply because I couldn’t deal with strangers calling me a “gold digger” constantly.

Harris is an extremely famous sex symbol with a modeling career and a history of appearing on a successful television series, not to mention a real estate license; it’s not as though the woman is unable to obtain money by herself. Standing on her “own two feet” is likely quite easy considering how much she likely makes off of each photoshoot, interview and public appearance, so Chenoweth’s comments don’t quite ring true to me.

Also, “what do they have to talk about”? Well, considering Hefner has managed to produce one of the most game-changing, mindset-altering magazines in the last century, I would hardly consider him boring or lacking in communication skills. In fact, I imagine the guy has quite a bit to talk about–quite a bit more, in fact, than many of 20something men I’ve met.

So, do I think it’s fair to be curious about–if not a bit confused by–a relationship with a six decade age gap? Sure. It’s only natural to wonder about things that we don’t experience every day. Assuming there’s a monetary motive behind that relationship? Probably not quite so fair. Maybe she’s marrying him for his money, maybe he doesn’t like anything about her besides her looks, maybe that’s just fine with both of them; but speculations about this almost always seem to be maliciously presumptive, and that’s what I take issue with.

Photo: Daniel Deme / WENN.com