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If you have been single in your twenties, thirties, or forties, you have probably had at least one friend who’s been in a relationship for a long time and therefore thinks she must be quite the dating expert indeed. For Taylor Swift, that person is now Lady Gaga. After getting engaged to Taylor Kinney and starting to publicly do adorable things with him, it seems that Lady Gaga feels the need to offer unsolicited advice to Taylor because…well, because that’s what people whose relationships just got serious love to do.

On Tuesday, Taylor tweeted this message at Gaga:

Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga compliment

Nice, right? And it’s true! In addition to her engagement news, Lady Gaga was cast in the fifth season of American Horror Story, wore one of the most memorable looks of the Oscars, and even inspired an entire cycling studio in SoHo. Of course, what Gaga replied mostly pertained to the aforementioned romance aspect:

Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift tweet

…Really? Your prince charming will come? Yes, life is “friends, family, and love,” but for millions of women, it is also hard work, pursuing your career, and so much more than just hoping for f’ing “prince charming” to come. Taylor Swift is 25 years old. She doesn’t need to wait around for a man, just like she told that idiot reporter at the Grammy Awards.

Naturally, every outlet seems to think this is adorable, with ET even calling it “magical.” But am I the only one who just finds this to be obnoxious?

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Taylor Swift is doing just fine. She’s one of the highest-paid human beings in the world, she sits in the front row at any fashion show she pleases to, her best friend is a supermodel, everyone wants her to be their unborn baby’s godparent, and FFS, she has a perfectly normal bellybutton that the world is completely obsessed with. She is doing spectacularly, but just like your annoying aunt who never stops asking when you’ll “finally settle down with somebody nice” even though you have an amazing career, pay your bills on time, and are basically killing it at this “life” thing, Lady Gaga just makes it sound like Taylor is pretty much biding her time with her little hobby of ruling the damn world until she finally meets a guy.