hizamakura lap pillow

If you’re ever feeling lonely at Narita Airport in Tokyo, a new friend is just about $80 away, because the Duty-Free shop there is selling hizamakura, or lap pillows, for lonely and tired travelers.

According to the Daily Mail, the lap pillows are “made to replicate the sensation a child would have resting their head on their mother’s lap, the pillow is said to offer similar comfort to men during stressful times – or when simply missing their mother.”

Aww, that actually makes it sound kind of sweet. But we still don’t recommend sleeping on one of these things in the middle of a crowded airport.

The lap pillows are also popular as gag gifts for tourists to bring back to their friends, though we have a hard time imagining ever paying $80 or more for a gag gift, no matter how funny. At that price, this seems more like a “gag gift” that might get some actual use.

But if you’re really lonely and the lower half of a mini-skirted woman won’t cut it for you, there are even more fake people and body parts to snuggle with.