I so did not want to post about the LeAnn Rimes – Eddie Cibrian love debacle, but alas, I could not help it because this one quote kept bothering me. While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Rimes was asked about whether or not she felt her husband, Cibrian, might cheat on her. Considering the pair met and began seeing one another on the set of Northern Lights when each was already married, the question isn’t incredibly far-fetched (though I sort of doubt many magazines will be asking Cibrian the same question anytime soon).

“I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would be think I am a liar, if I wouldn’t say yes,“ she said. “I have at times… It has definitely creeped into my mind. Like I think it would anyone’s.”

My initial reaction was one of confusion: How could you stay married to somebody you’re afraid might cheat on you? Why would you bother putting yourself through the anxiety that accompanies that fear? Is this really a fear that affects everybody?

But then I remembered that, for more than one relationship, I was afraid that my significant other would be unfaithful. Actually, no. I was terrified. It just seemed like the most heartbreaking thing and, indeed, it was when it happened. And those were just fairly youthful relationships that had no expectation of a permanent committment; to imagine feeling that fear about my husband or wife sounds much more frightening, and actually experiencing being cheated on by a spouse sounds just about unbearable.

And yet when you love somebody, the risks seem worth it, right? So we look past the potential for disaster and try to see things as potentially amazing rather than for the tragedies they can become. Plus, as we’ve established previously, there are lots of options in the event that he or she does cheat. Nevertheless, I am still skeptical on whether or not I could feel anxious about my partner cheating and still maintain a healthy-feeling relationship. But what about you folks?

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Photo: FayesVision / WENN.com