Despite being a bastion of liberal thought, LGBT rights, and hand holding, not even San Francisco is free of homophobes (and/or PDA-phobes?). A lesbian couple was recently kicked out of the city’s Jewish Museum for the crime of holding hands, reports The San Francisco Chronicle:

“They were holding hands,” Levikow [a bystander] said, “and he told them they couldn’t hold hands in the museum.”

The couple did not agree. A small crowd began to form and the guard attempted to shoo the couple out the door to quiet things down.

“And they said, ‘No we are not leaving and we want to talk to somebody in authority right now.'”

And they did. The museum’s management was rightfully horrified, and asked that the  guard, who was working for a private company, be reprimanded. Judging from his terrible grasp of where (and when) he was, he should probably be required to actually look at the exhibit he’s guarding, too. Maybe read some of Famous Lesbian in History Gertrude Stein’s writing? Learn, as the exhibit purports to teach, about her “evolving public personae, lifestyle, and relationships”? Also, he should be killed. WITH IRONY.

In all seriousness, the ease with which the lesbian couple was able to assert their hand-holding rights shows the importance of safe spaces and cultural norms in establishing a society where bigotry is not tolerated by bystanders, institutions, or the recipients of said bigotry. Maybe someday, everywhere in America will be as gay-friendly as San Francisco, and a story like this will sound just as absurd coming out of a small town in Texas. Hey, a girl can dream.