Hey fellas! Want to get laid more? Work to bring about a society in which women have the same opportunities as you. Easy, right?

According to research carried out by psychologist Roy Baumeister, equality is a more powerful aphrodisiac than horny goat weed, “negs,” or even Axe body spray. In a study of 37 countries, he found that “countries ranked higher in gender equality also generally had more casual sex, more sex partners per capita, younger ages for first sex and greater tolerance/approval of premarital sex.” His explanation? The fewer opportunities women have, the more likely they are to leverage their pussy (i.e. only) power to secure a stable living situation.

Via USA Today:

“Women’s sexuality has a kind of value that men’s sexuality does not,” he says. “Men will basically exchange other resources with women to have sex, but the reverse doesn’t work. Women … can trade sex for attention, for grades, for a promotion, for money, as in prostitution or sex with a celebrity.”

“If women don’t have many opportunities to make money on their own, they need the value of sex to be as high as possible,” Baumeister says. “When women don’t have other opportunities, sex is the main thing she has to offer.”

I would add that conversely, countries with more gender inequality tend to punish women more severely for being “sluts.” The greater the consequences for promiscuity, the less likely women are to engage in it, right?

This all makes intuitive sense to me, although I take issue with the gender essentialism at its base. Who says women are naturally built to want less sex than men? It’s impossible to really know for sure, but I think society has a great deal to do with that. He makes it sound like the men living in equitable societies would be fully willing to up and pay for sex in various ways if they had to, which I don’t think is true. Isn’t part of being an enlightened society breaking out of these retrograde mindsets?

And what about the women who choose sex work not because they have no other options, but because they enjoy it? Where do they fit in? I think more sexy research is in order.