In a study conducted across the pond, researchers discovered that men lie more than women, and yet women are better at both lying and detecting lies. The most common lie for men: “I didn’t drink too much.” The most common like for women: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”

The study was done by polling Brits over the age of 18, but when one looks at the list of top lies for men and women, one — or at least I — have to wonder whether they weren’t just responding in what they consider to be the right answer based on gender roles. Because honestly, I’ve never actually said “I have a headache” — listed as #5 on the “Women’s Lies” list — when I didn’t, or to avoid sex. I would imagine that most women are the same, and for those that do actually use the cliche line, that their partners would catch on eventually.

Both sexes lie about how much they paid for things, telling their S.O.’s that “It wasn’t that expensive.”

Interestingly, and in, for once, a nice turn of events, the top 10 lies for both men and women are relatively benign. Nowhere on either list is “I did not have sexual relations with that woman/man,” or “I love you,” or something equally painful. So, little white lies make the world go round a bit smoother, maybe — lies are like human nature’s car oil. Just kidding, obviously — no one should lie. But if you have to, use it on something relatively meaningless that would make a good sitcom joke — “It was on sale!” [Cue laugh track]