So you just found out your husband cheated on you very publicly with a young woman primarily known for being pretty and having no personality. Quick, what do you do?

If you’re model/actress Liberty Ross (wife of Snow White and the Huntsman director and K-Stew canoodler Rupert Sanders), you make your feelings known to your social networks via an amusing Instagram photo. An amusing Instagram photo that looks like this:

Get it? That’s Snow White looking disheveled and drinking her sadness away. Because Kristen Stewart is a drunk, sad, husband stealer. Okay, so maybe it doesn’t quite match up…she’s not really known for drinking, or crying, or showing emotion of any kind. But you get the idea.

The great thing about being the wronged party in this situation is you can be as sarcastic and mean as you want to be, and no one will be able to say shit to you. All the nasty things you’ve ever thought in your head about the person who cuckolded you, but never said out loud because you’re polite? Those are now fair game! Go on, give it your best shot.

I also appreciate anyone who reacts to bad news with even a modicum of humor, because that’s how I handle bad things, too. Sometimes, we have to laugh to keep from crying.

Liberty Ross, you’re okay in my book, and I hope you make a lot more jokes at K-Stew’s expense. Not because I hate K-Stew, but because I like jokes. And drama.

(Via E! Online)

Photo: Lia Toby/