Ross and Sanders at an LA screening of Snow White

In case you’ve been blissfully separated from the internet (and celebrity weeklies) for a while now, you know that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, her not-so-secret boyfriend of three years and fellow Twilight dreamweaver. But this isn’t about either of them, this is about the other two (the less famous ones) involved in this supernova of a publicity stunt: Stewart’s married paramour Rupert Sanders and his model wife, Liberty Ross. To bring everyone up to speed, Sanders has been wearing his ring and the story goes that Ross had “forgiven” him or, as much as one can amidst a media cyclone.

But! Maybe she hasn’t. TMZ just caught Ross without her wedding ring and dressed like a villainous Bond babe. Some are calling this first public outing post-scandal  a “revenge outfit” because she looks so foxy. As if no ring and some razor-sharp pleating means Liberty Ross is finished communicating her outrage through Instagram.

Also. Weird question: is this wearing/not wearing a ring thing actually a serious statement employed by real life troubled couples or is it like when your friends set their Facebook statuses to “It’s Complicated” for the drama? It seems like it should be a very grave move but it’s become such reliable tabloid-bait that we have to wonder.

(TMZ, photo via Wenn)