Everybody knows that one of the most frustrating parts of long distance relationships is the lack of sex. Yes, you can have fun with Skype or phone sex, but without the ability to touch, feel, kiss and bang-to-infinity your partner, things can get dull. For lack of a better word, long distance sex is straight up boring. But that may all change with a product called LovePalz.

This set of sex toys from Winzz, a Taipei-based company, includes wireless gadgets that allow you control your partner’s device from afar using the LovePalz website. The female version is called the Hera and resembles a dildo. The male product, called Zeus, is similar to a Fleshlight but has a whole lot of electronic equipment inside. From their website:

LovePalz is a brand new concept of motion sensing technology that aims to create physical feelings as real as possible in virtual sex experience. It can simulate your actions and cause physical contact over internet in real time. Through our service, you and your lover each hold one device and as long as you remain connected to the internet, the device automatically senses your actions and conveys them to your partner’s toy!…

The speed sensor in Zeus will detect the speed of male action and send to the Hera, the female toy. Hera will reflect and match Zeus’s speed automatically. Hera on her part, will sense the pressure inside the toy based on the female’s reaction and then send that information to Zeus. Zeus’s air pump will configure its tightness automatically based on the received signal.

Crazy, right? Check out a visual:


As somebody who has been in innumerable (okay, four) serious long-distance relationships, I wish I had been able to acquire these little gadgets for myself and those partners in the past. Again, Skype, Facetime and phone chatting can only do so much, and that “so much” is not much at all. Granted, the $189 price tag (for each toy) would’ve likely deterred me at the time, but if I were in a similar predicament now, I’m pretty sure I would snag these up like nobody’s business.

Photos: LovePalz & TechCrunch.