Longest period

Hey guys, Sam here. Ready to hit TMI City, population: The Gloss? Well, I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m on day 12 of my period and I want want to destroy my entire reproductive system.

Now, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out stuff about you folks using these open threads, such as your best advice for those looking to give someone the key to their “back door” or exact specifications of what is considered weird sex talk. But now, I need to know something different. This is a potentially totally weird question, I know, but it is nearly the weekend and I have had this thing since the f’ing Oscars were on and I am just so completely over it.

I realize that having my period for this long sounds dangerous, but it has actually always been pretty lengthy, so I am not actually worried about it. It is just incredibly annoying and inconvenient and oh my god, I’m so sleepy. For years, it lasted approximately 10 – 12 days, whereas nowadays it is usually somewhere between 8 – 10, though it actually has been even shorter lately. The longest was some years ago during college when it took a full 21 days to subside. 21 days. By the end of it, I felt like I had just starred in the world’s most anticlimactic horror film.

So, yeah. That brings me to my very personal, potentially inappropriate question: what is the longest you have ever had your period?