The company Jabra, which manufactures phone headsets, recently conducted a survey asking people what else they’re doing when driving. Most of the answers are what you would expect: 72 percent admitted to eating or drinking while driving, 35 percent said they have changed clothes while behind the wheel, 13 percent admitted to applying makeup, and 5 percent said they’ve shaved in the car (faces? armpits?). However, the most interesting stat is this one: 15 percent (this was one of those surveys where you could check as many things as applicable, hence the fact that stuff doesn’t add up to 100) confessed to “engaging in a sex act” while driving. They didn’t require people to specify which sex act, but I have got to say that if anyone can successfully give really good cunnilingus while a woman is driving, I’d like to hear about it. You know, for statistical research purposes, obviously.