You’ve heard the expression “dodged a bullet,” which means someone escaped a bad day or shitty situation. But in dating, bullet-dodging is much more specific. When you crush on someone who ends up being psycho or a serial cheater, but don’t wind up dating them, congratulations! You have dodged a crazy bullet.

Case in point: I went to college with a girl named “Meg.” Meg was annoying, overbearing, and couldn’t take a hint if it was emblazoned on a billboard. She was dating “Mike,” a guy who seemed fairly reasonable. For about six months, she made his life hell – demanding he drop certain friends, wanting him to buy her expensive gifts, accusing him of cheating on her. Their relationship ended when it turned out Meg had been the cheater the entire time, and she left Mike to be with her new guy. Although Mike was upset about the relationship’s end, when he wised up and realized how horrible she’d treated him, he realized he’d dodged a crazy bullet. Meg continues to torment her now-husband.

Bottom line? It sucks to be shot in the face. But it sucks even more when the bullet shooting you is delusional.