On last week’s episode of Jersey Shore, Deena referred to Sammi as “a female backpack.” What does that mean, exactly? In this case, it means that Sammi – with her sour facial expressions and dependency on boyfriend Ronnie – is basically an accessory. Sammi follows Ronnie around to the point where I’m embarrassed for her, unable to form a meaningful relationship with anyone else. In that same episode, Sammi was seen accompanying Ronnie and the other guys to the gym, where she looked bored on a treadmill and spent most of her time watching Ronnie work out and following him from station to station.

In other words, a female backpack is a codependent girlfriend who becomes her boyfriend’s baggage. As JWoww would say, “it’s not a good look.” Rather than making Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship look special and important, it makes Ronnie look whipped and Sammi look like she has no life outside of her boyfriend. Which, to be honest, she kinda doesn’t.

Have you ever been in a codependent relationship? If so, how did you get out of it and avoid becoming a female backpack?