You may be single today, on Valentine’s Day, and be fine with it. You may be single today and feeling like the world is filled with menace and terror. You may be in love today and doing nothing. You may be in love today and doing skywriting for your beloved. You maybe in love today and be being smug, and menacing.

Regardless of that, I think there are some things that everyone can get together and acknowledge are pretty good about Valentine’s day. Namely:

1) Probably it’s a good day for florists, and they generally seem like small mom and pop shops. I think very few florists are chains or fronts for the mob. Would florists be a good mob front? I don’t know. Maybe.

2) There will likely be a lot of free chocolate in your office tomorrow, from people who did not want chocolate. That’s not good news for you if you don’t like chocolate/are a diabetic but other than that. That’s good news for a lot of people. Sorry about you possibly having diabetes.

3) One of your friends is having a party you could attend tonight, if you are in to that sort of thing.

4) Do you need, for any reason, an excuse to eat a certain food? You can use today, or, alternatively, President’s Day, which is Monday, but I think that works better if the food you want to eat is something weird, like mutton. What do Presidents eat? Only mutton? That sounds accurate.

5) It is also a good day for skywriting companies, and I would be willing to bet money, bet good money, that no skywriting company is a mere mob front.

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