It recently came out that my future husband and one of the most loveliest Olympians in the world, Ryan Lochte, has a very racist sister. In fact she seems to have a great affinity for the word “chink” when talking about Asians. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone use that word since the show All in the Family was on forever ago.

After coming back from the 2008 Olympics, Megan Lochte went on some show in Baltimore called Closing Time where she proceeded to say some really disgusting and offensive stuff about the people of Beijing. Her ignorance is more reminiscent of something from the 1800’s as opposed to anything you’d hear today. I’d like to believe she’s joking in some fucked up way, but if you watch the video, you’ll see that she’s not only not joking, but actually finds herself quite humorous.

So what happens when you find out the love of your life is a related to a racist? Is it a dealbreaker? Do you run for the hills? Because we all know that family dinners are going to blow if you have to listen to someone drop a racial slur every few minutes. And if you have kids, exactly how are you going to explain to your teacher the reason your daughter keeps calling her Asian classmates something that they think is appropriate because your sister-in-law is an asshole?

Personally, I’d run. Not just because she’s a racist twit, but that hat of hers is pretty nauseating, too.


Photo: YouTube