These days, it seems like people will slap the word “luxury” in front of anything in order to charge more, even if the product is nothing special. Our “Luxury Bads” feature will highlight those products most undeserving of the luxury label.

Condoms are great for a lot of reasons. They’re fairly inexpensive and help you prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes you can even get them for free, at least if you lived on my hall freshman year and walked past the RA’s giant bowl of giveaway rubbers.

However, there’s now a burgeoning trend to put regular condoms in fancy packaging and get people to pay way more money for them.  In some cases, like Prince’s Purple Rain Coats, they’re at least entertaining as a souvenir/keepsake, whether you end up actually using the condom or not. But the new Original Condom, which comes inside a sleek black box and costs $20 for half a dozen, does not have a built-in kitsch factor. Their motto is “Safe, with elegance.” As a woman who uses contraceptives, I can tell you that I am much more likely to ask Do they work? than Are they pretty? when choosing a birth control method. And in the heat of the moment, nobody cares if a condom has a cool wrapper or not – they’re just concerned with getting the wrapper off in the quickest way possible.

Verdict: not only is this condom not ‘luxury,’ there should never ever be a luxury condom. Except maybe that full-body one that Leslie Nielsen wore in The Naked Gun.