Madonna kissing Drake Coachella 2015 onstage performance(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment)

Coachella is always host to some funky outfits, hairstyles, and behavior from celebrities, but this takes the cake on weirdness. While performing with headliner Drake on Sunday night during the festival’s first weekend, Madonna leaned over Drake and kissed him. It sounds like it would be hot, but it was horrible.

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In what might be one of the most uncomfortable 19 seconds of your 2015 thus far, I urge you to watch this video:


See, kissing onstage a la Madonna and Britney Spears (and Christina Aguilera, but I always forget she was there) is pretty normal. Famous musical artists dance on each other, and sometimes even kiss, all the time; it typically doesn’t feel like a huge deal. However, his reaction to the kiss seems very upset indeed.

Madonna Drake Coachella 2015(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment)

I’m admittedly a little skeeved out by their 28-year age difference — Madonna is 56, Drake is 28 — but as we all know, large gaps like that are very common, though typically the male is much older than the female (insert hardcore eye roll here). They’re both ridiculously attractive musicians and they were paired together for a huge act, so this is really not strange at all.

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What’s uncomfortable here is the way Madonna just kept kissing Drake even after he had seemingly tried to pull away. (To see several replays of this moment, check out Vulture’s GIFs of the makeout sesh.) It looked like the actual kiss itself was part of their routine, but that it was absolutely not meant to go on that long, nor was Madonna supposed to do whatever the eff she was doing with her tongue in there. And then she’s just like, “I’m Madonna,” and walks away. Sure, there are way worse things going down at Coachella, but man, I can’t imagine there was anything quite so uncomfortable on such a grand scale.