According to TheStir:

Men are not supposed to look better than us, so when they primp and moisturize and wax and blow their hair out more than we do, it can be a massive turn-off…. An anonymous male friend who was in the navy said he was once stationed on a ship with a guy “who used more moisturizing hand lotion than a professional hand model.” Not. Cool. Dude. Certain routines are just in the ladies only domain. Sorry boys.

What are those routines? Okay:



expensive haircuts

facial masks

taking too much time in the bathroom

worrying about his weight

owning more than one cologne

too much stuff in his medicine cabinet


wearing skinny jeans.

That said, “nobody wants the guy who rolls out of bed, throws on the same clothing he wore the last few days (crumpled on the floor in his bedroom), and “forgets” to shower… [like] Keanu Reeves.”

First of all, Keanu Reeves is apparently a very nice person, and seems like someone you could sit on a park bench and eat a sandwich with, as well as being a millionaire famous actor, so yes, I’d tap that (call me!). When the folks at the Stir talked about the spectrum I assumed that the other end lay with homeless schizophrenics (no offense to our homeless schizophrenic reader base, please stop calling me).

But, beyond that, do we really need to be this picky? Who cares if your guy wants to smell all pretty, like a rainbow? Good for him! He’s insecure about his weight? Tell him looks handsome. He likes to put stuff in his hair? As long as it’s not placenta shampoo, that’s fine.

I guess taken to the extreme any of this stuff if bad, but taken to the extreme anything is bad. Taken to the extreme, sitting on park benches eating sandwiches is bad. There are far better turn-offs than someone who likes to have different kinds of cologne. They have to do with actually personality flaws.

Besides, maybe plucking his unibrow will make him realize what you go through whenever you visit your waxer.