This cat is probably cleaner than your gross f'ing boyfriend's hands.

This cat is maybe cleaner than your gross f’ing boyfriend’s hands.

I once dated this guy for a couple years who was, overall, pretty great with his personal care routine. He conditioned his beard, took showers constantly, always brushed his teeth morning, noon and night, and even used a decent moisturizer on his facial skin. However, the one thing I found absolutely disgusting was the fact that he never washed his hands after he peed. Never. Thought it was the stupidest thing to do and didn’t understand why I found it gross that he’d touch me or food or whatever afterward. But apparently, this abstaining of washing hands is just part of some people’s normal male hygiene, because certain guys are just really gross and need reminders to do so.

Researchers observed male behavior regarding hand washing in public bathrooms in Michigan after a survey reported that 25% of men do not wash their hands afterward. They decided to put signs in the bathrooms reading, “4 out of 5 Males Wash Their Hands” along with photos of students clad in Michigan State University hats and some effective hand washing tips. According to post-bathroom surveys, hand washing increased to 86% — meaning there were still a bunch of guys who didn’t wash their hands, which is gross, but I guess that it’s good to know most of them will if reminded. Right? Meh, I am still skeptical and a little ick’d out.

Look, if you just touched your dick, wash your hands. If you can pee handsfree, STILL wash your hands because you probably touched something in your bathroom at some point, and I’d kinda prefer you to disinfect those paws. Women use toilet paper, so we’re an entire extra step removed from the touching of anything pertaining to bodily fluids, and yet I know almost no females who do not wash their hands each time they’re in a bathroom. Just suck it up and take 30 seconds to get your hands de-grossified, mmk?

Photo: aprillynn77 / Flickr