Chivalry’s not dead, guys. 28-year-old New Yorker Jeff Gurwin recently proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin Fitzsimons by paying some artists to paint a mural on Avenue A and 2nd St. in the East Village. A motherfucking mural! With a cute little dog, a flowering tree, and frickin’ Scrabble letters asking “the question,” all of which has some kind of personal significance to them, because Jeff is thoughtful like that. (P.S., Scrabble is awesome.)

He recorded it all via time lapse video: the painting of the mural, her reaction when she saw it, and of course his actual proposal to her. (She spray painted her reply: “YES.”) According to The Village Voice, she thought she was meeting him for dinner and then bam, mural proposal. To play devil’s advocate, this type of elaborate proposal puts undue pressure on the woman to say yes, but judging from the joyful look on her face, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he ascertained beforehand that she was amenable to the idea of marrying him. The mural will be up for a whole month, in case you’d like to walk by it and casually drop hints to your significant other that you would not be un-thrilled to receive a proposal via public art, either.

At least one person was not impressed by any of this. “The title of this post should be pussy-whipped idiot ruins epic graffitti piece,” said a commenter called SoyChaiLatte. “Why don’t you paint in your room?! Tool!” May SoyChaiLatte someday experience the beautiful emotions that led Jeff Gurwin to create this time lapse video.