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Imagine for a moment that you are a groom. You are in the midst of being married to the woman of your dreams. After a lovely ceremony, the two of you embark on your journey as husband and wife with a dance that you have choreographed like that scene with Usher in She’s All That. Okay, fine, it’s just a regular dance–but it’s beautiful and loving and sweet! Until…riiiiiip. And that is when you realize it: you have torn your bride’s wedding dress. This is the face you will likely make:

groom rips wedding dress

This is the exact somewhat embellished scenario that happened to the above man during his wedding. According to imgur user aksNc, this is what happened right before the picture was snapped:

Imgur! I present to you the EXACT moment I trod on and tore part of my wifes wedding dress during our first dance. Our photographer caught my face when I realised I had torn one of the ten layers in the said dress in a r/perfecttiming way I thought I would share some of the Love seein as things have been a little down on here recently.

To clear things up

– Yes I am still alive

– No she did NOT castrate me

– No she is not single

– I love this website.

We can all relate to how awkward it is to dance with another person, but to rip another person’s very expensive, once-in-a-lifetime-most-likely clothing? Now that is an awkward experience, though it sure sounds like his bride (now wife) is an understanding woman. Or perhaps she simply wanted a DIY crop top wedding dress or bridal gown with cutouts! As a side note, how great are those tulle cap sleeves? Now I just want to see the rest of the dress, guh.

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On the bright side, this was captured on camera, making it one of the best candid wedding photos ever, and definitely one of those hilarious, perfect moments to tell people about for years to come.

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