Today, The Daily Mail reported that Gene Simmons proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed. The popping of the question comes, they note, after Simmons claims to have slept with 4,600 women over the course of his life.


That’s a lot of women.

Normally, I would say that a person’s so-called number doesn’t, and shouldn’t matter. And granted, Simmons is a rock stahh. But I have to say that a history of over 4,000 chicks would give me pause for thought. It certainly indicates a bit of a proclivity towards sleeping around, and I tend to believe that it’s difficult for people to change all that much. It could also point to some low self-esteem, if I were really going to get all therapy about it. Or, it could just point to a massive, unquenchable  libido.

Or is this how all men would be if they were Gene Simmons?

Anyway, if nothing else, if I were Tweed and I hadn’t already, I’d order up a large battery of tests, and I’d have to somehow be assured that his womanizing ways were over.