In “Stars Are Just Like Us, Only Completely Different” news of the day, Martha Stewart said some adorable things about “not noticing” a few very, very handsome men whom we all would very, very much like to be noticed by. Despite my decade-long resentment that she is a real-life version of my TV idol Bree Van de Kamp, I am starting to grow very fond of her. Between this, her online dating profile and the sparkly outfit above, it is starting to seem like Ms. Martha is taking a break from being, well, Martha Stewart: Homemaker Of The Gods, and starting to have some carefree fun at the age of 71. (Hey, that rhymes. Martha, embroider that and high five me!)

When remembering her days doling out pastries at Common Market, a clothing store in Connecticut during the 70s, she casually threw this out:

“Robert Redford and Paul Newman were in all the time, and I’d just hand them their croissant or tart, and I didn’t even look at them. Can you imagine? I didn’t even think about looking at those guys. I should have, because they’re very handsome.”

Can you imagine? Chuckle chuckle! Of course we can — Robert Redford and Paul Newman are regulars at every place I’ve worked at in the food industry. And I totally ignored them, too.

Okay I lied.

In addition to ignoring two of the most handsome faces since faces were invented, Stewart is also has two dates lined up with e-dating suitors. According to Page Six:

“She’s really going through these,” says a source. “She’s still looking at some other profiles.” But Martha added she was baffled she’d had so many requests from much younger men. “I wonder why. I mean, do they want money?” she asked.

No, they just think you’re hella cool (and I sincerely hope they phrase it as such). Or they want money, I don’t know. Nevertheless, it’s great that she is getting all 21st century with this dating business. So, go Martha! It is really rad to see a woman do her whole career-thang and then do some more dating stuff. Despite it being 2013, there’s still this idea that women over a “certain age” should just resign themselves to never dating again when, in fact, you should do whatever you feel like doing romantically at any age because why on earth not?

Photo: Getty Images