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What a time to be alive! The world was recently made aware of Mary-Kate Olsen and her gentleman caller Olivier Sarkozy‘s engagement, and now we have pictures of the comically oversized ring to confirm the impending nuptials. My immediate reaction was to start laughing, because the ring doesn’t look like it’s made for a human hand so much as the Colossus of Constantine.

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate Olsen flashes a huge ring on her engagement finger as she leaves an office building with twin sister Ashley

Simply put: holy shit. In our line of work, we see a lot of giant freaking engagement rings, but this one has to be the biggest (tied with Kim Kardashian‘s own asteroid-sized piece). I’m afraid that it poses a health risk–that thing is basically a weapon attached to her hand. Imaging accidentally knocking yourself in the face with that thing. I’m not a doctor, but I know an impending concussion when I see one.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of engagement rings as a concept, but I am the actual world’s biggest fan of comically oversized things. If I stop being a jerky jerk jerk for like five minutes, I can appreciate the fact that this ring is very Olsen-esque–it looks like the type of thing she’d wear anyways–albeit oversized. Engagement rings that are a little different or fit the person are great; they seem less like a locked-her-down marker and more like something in tune with the person wearing it. Hilariously large or not, it fits her and looks great.

Given that just last week we had the Mila KunisAshton Kutcher engagement happen, does that mean we’re officially in engagement season (when is that, again?)? Or do we need one more to make it a trend? Either way, I’m bracing myself for overwrought Facebook statuses and spending my life savings on weddings.

Photos: PCN, Getty Images