men in heelsHow successful are you when walking in heels? Can you walk in them like a pro? A fucking champ? Or are you a Weeble wobbling all around the town? Think about it! What category would you put yourself? This is important! And what about your boyfriend? How does he do when he slips on his heels?

Although you’re likely to roll your eyes (I did), your high heel expertise, or lack there of, has a lot to do with how you spend your money. It’s the Weebles who know how to make wise purchases. Those of you in comfy kicks, do not. Sorry.

Researchers have found that women who wear shoes that require conscious balancing are more likely to make a carefully considered decision when shopping.

Well then. Your wonky balance is what’s going to keep your wallet far from bare, and that’s a good thing. Well, it’s a good thing for those who want to be responsible.

It seems the lack of balance that comes from wearing heels has a physical effect on the body that forces the brain to weigh its options before whipping out the credit card. So how does this relate to your boyfriend wearing heels? Easy peasy, Sneezy.

Statistically, couples argue most over money. It’s always about where it’s being spent, how it’s being spent, and why is there not more of it. So, if this is the case in your relationship, forcing your boyfriend to wear heels every time he leaves the house, especially if he’s about to hit up the Best Buy or Dress Barn (that’s what dudes like, right?), will keep that spending in control. If your closet is lacking essentials from this fall collection, isn’t it good idea to have two things to blame? Your high heels and your boyfriend in high heels?


OK, realistically, the chance of getting your man to wear heels outside of a drag show is pretty slim, so there are more reasonable ways to take the results of this study and put them into action.

When online shopping you can lean back in a chair to the point where it feels like it might tip, and you’ll find that you may spend less, or rather, spend more wisely. The same goes if you’re forced to make choices about purchases when you’re playing Wii, or right after a yoga class.

The point is that heels, although wretched on your feet, a bitch to walk in, and an overall pain in the ass, are actually good for something. And that something is not buying more heels.

Photo: High Heels Passion