I know I already made a list of likely New Year’s Eve outfit options for women, but sometimes it’s nice to get opinions from guys, too. So, I attempted to talk to some men about things they think women should wear for New Year’s Eve.

These are their suggestions. None of these suggestions were particularly helpful. I don’t know. Maybe you will find them more helpful than I did.

1) A tight dress, made out of sequence.

A dress made out of sequence would doubtless be pretty mesmerizing.

2) One of those sequins things.

So this may be the same thing as one, because men have only a passing familiarity with sequins. But really. Do you actually need a tube top dress made out of sequins in your closet for more than one night in the entire year? The answer is no. The answer is “that’s really unlikely.”

3) Maybe something hot.

This round-up just feels really lackluster. I think hot also means different things to different people. I tried to make a joke here, but it ended up implying I was a furry, so I really backed away from it.

4) Something sexy.

Look, I’m getting the overwhelming impression that this means a bunch of sequins to men, so, go with that. Go with that and break that New Year’s Eve dress out every year from now to eternity, and men will fall over themselves, collapsing with love for you. Or, you know, the champagne could do that for people.

You know what? No matter what you wear, some man out there will think it perfectly fits their definition of hot. Happy 2013. Almost.

Wear number signs. That’s my advice.

Picture via Creative Commons