It’s a well known fact of popular culture that bridesmaids often drink a lot, feel emotionally vulnerable, and have nice asses. Hence, it should come as no surprise that when looking for a quick, illicit roll in the hay, men look to them even more than to the numerous sexy sex workers whose job it is to boob-i-fy bachelor parties.

Via The Daily Mail:

Over 2,000 men and women were surveyed by top extra-marital dating site, Illicit Encounters with a third of men admitting that they have cheated on their partner at a wedding – when their other half wasn’t there.

Results show that 32 per cent of men have cheated at a wedding, while only 27 percent had strayed at the stag party.

Granted, this is going by the touring rock star definition of cheating, whereby it’s not cheating if you only get a blowjay. If you factor that in, I bet the bachelor party number shoots way up. (J/k, it doesn’t say that. But the way this was going, it was sort of believable, no?)

And who are all these men cheating with? Bridesmaids, ‘natch.

“Maybe by wearing a bridesmaid outfit they are advertising the fact they are available and also at a wedding everyone is there to have a good time,” said a rep for the cheaters’ website, who is a genius.

Where in the poll did it ask about bridesmaids? It doesn’t matter. That is obviously who they are cheating with, because bridesmaids are sluts.

But before you get scared that your man is going to cheat on you at that wedding you can’t/don’t want to attend with him, remember that the survey polled only those who were on a cheating website to begin with. 32% of cheaters might cheat at weddings, but I’m willing to bet you’d get similar numbers if you asked a big group of cheaters whether they’d ever cheated at work, on vacation, on a boat, or with a…friend. Cheaters will cheat wherevs! It’s kind of their thing. Part of me thinks this study was actually published by men with weddings to go to who are pissed their wives are making them go alone. Sorry, dudes. It’s not going to work.