Men and women can’t be friends because of one guy walking around with a video camera at Utah State, I guess?

In essence: the female subjects all say that women and men can be friends. The male subjects all say probably not. The women all say that they think their male friends would leap at a chance to hook-up with them. Which may be true!

But I think there are a few other factors here – namely, in college, sometimes, as a young woman, you cultivate a group of men just to be in love with you, because you are a little insecure at that point in your life and need the ego boost. After a certain time, you start having male friends just because you’re friends with people of both genders and stop expecting them to be in love with you. I think at this point I’m probably comfortable enough to say that a lot of my male friends have no interest in sleeping with me – either because they have a type that is not me, or because they are already in happy, satisfying relationships.

Besides, even if there are people who, under crazy circumstances, you realize you’d be willing to sleep with, that doesn’t mean that under normal circumstances you can’t have a relationship that exists within the realm of friendship (unless you have no impulse control whatsoever, in which case, you are monster). Having a friendship with someone you find attractive and might sleep with in a parallel universe isn’t weird – it would only be weird if you were only being “friends” with them in the hopes that they might put out. – via TheHairpin