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The best part about coming to New Hampshire to visit my family is all the town gossip that I get. My decent grasp of the French language allows me to pretend I’m not Amanda Chatel but some foreigner when I come across someone from my past, but staying with my parents doesn’t allow me to escape certain facts.

I was in NH for two days before we headed to the Cape for a couple days, only to return to my beloved NH again. It was during this ride back north that my father brought up someone I had dated casually after college who was from my hometown. It was someone whom I had not thought of in years and who took me a forever to remember his name.

“Mandy, you remember that guy you dated?” asked my dad.

“Which one?”

“The one from Londonderry…”

“I’m really going to need you to specify, daddy,” I explained.

“The weird one… remember the weird one?”

My mother laughed, as she said, “Seriously, Al, you’re really going to have to narrow that down.”

I paused and tried to figure out the weirdest of the weird. I began to dole out names that might ring a bell to my father. Each one was greeted with a “no, that’s not him.”

Finally, after almost 20 minutes, my mother piped up: “Oh! You mean the flasher!”

“Yes, yes,” continued my father, “Him!”

“Who?!” I screamed.

“The guy named J something — him!”

I knew immediately of whom he was speaking.

“He’s a flasher now?” I asked.

“Yes!” exclaimed my dad, “He was caught in downtown Manchester, NH flashing people along that main drag there — women, kids, men — it didn’t matter. He just whipped open his coat and voila!”

I paused and leaned into my mother. “He’s kidding?” I asked.

“No, it’s true,” she said, “it was about a year ago and the worst part is that his wife stayed with him. Who stays with a flasher?”

“Another flasher?” I asked, trying to deflect from it all.

“Maybe,” said my dad. “But the point of the story, Mandy, is you once dated someone who is now a convicted flasher. How do you feel?”

“I feel like a I need you two to pull over to the closest bar so I can get a whisky to make sense of this.”

“Oh, please! I’m sure he’s not he first or the last — just look at the men you date! Look at them!” My dad was being necessarily harsh.

To recap: I’ve been with a flasher, a drug addict, a married man (although I didn’t know), an asshole Swede, a condiment hoarder, a dick pic texter and a whole slew of others. Maybe I should start this whole Internet dating thing? I do know almost ten people who are about to get hitched thanks to such an outlet. Or maybe I should just succumb to the fact that I do have the worst taste and men, and just go for every pervert in sight — it could be my schtick. At least in choosing complete whackjobs, I’ll never be surprised when I get a call at 4am from the cops because my fiance was humping a fire hydrant.

Is having dated a flasher the end all, be all?