Vanity Fair Oscar PartyI am totally shocked by this news but I guess it makes sense considering my imaginary BFF Tom Ford hasn’t called me in a year, not that he, um, ever has, but holy shit you guys, according to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Ford is now a daddy. AWWWWWwwWWWWWW. And awwwww some more.

These days, there’s the best reason to stay at home. Ford and Buckley have welcomed a son, Alexander John Buckley Ford, nicknamed Jack, who was born via surrogate in Los Angeles last September. Now there are feedings, onesies, diapers and all the beautiful madness of parenthood, with some bespoke Ford touches. “Tom being Tom, all the clothes are folded in a drawer a certain way,” Buckley says. “He’s a 100 percent hands-on dad. He gets up at six every morning, gives Jack his bottle, changes him, washes him, plays with him, gets him dressed for the day.”

“I didn’t quite know what to expect,” Ford says of Jack’s arrival. “I remember the day before he was born, I was up at like 5 a.m., frantically going to the supermarket in L.A. making sure I had miniature versions of sanitary hand wipes for his diaper bag. I didn’t know what the other side of that cliff was like.”

The article states that Tom has also stopped drinking, completely. Well, good for him and I bet he is just the most amazing dad ever. I’m sure little Jack has like a Corbusier nursery and mink throws on his little crib and all sorts of playdates with Blue Ivy and what not. I’m just so thrilled over this news because Tom always seems like such a gentleman and I’m sure his child is just going to have the best manners and such a great design sense and be totally meticulous in everything he does, unless he totally rebels and goes the exact opposite and becomes a tantrum-throwing, Play-do’h eating monster.But even that is adorable to think about. All I know is Tom, if you need any parenting advice, call me.

(Image: WENN)