While we were all busy pondering the merits — or lack thereof — of Ryan Lochte, his fellow Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps went under the radar and got himself a girlfriend. Model Megan Rossee, 25, pissed on Phelps tweeted the above photo of herself with Phelps, to let the world know that he is taken.

Oh, also? In another tweet, she called him “bear”:

Ladies, as an aside — do not tweet your nickname for your boyfriend if it’s something like “bear.” Seriously. It’s embarrassing for everyone. If you want to claim him, keep it classy with a simple picture.

Anyway, Rossee is an L.A.-based model who looks like she hasn’t done anything particularly remarkable but whose stock definitely just rose following that tweet. So, while I don’t necessarily approve of all your methods, Rossee, this still gets a well played.

Photo via Instagram