ashton kutcher mila kunis engaged

Big news, fans of government sanctioned interpersonal commitments! After a year of rumors that those two kids were heading towards marital bliss, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are officially engaged. The ring is enormous. Like I don’t know how she’ll ever lift her hand again. Gloves of any kind are permanently out of the question.

Kutcher and Kunis have been together for just under two years, and while there’s no official wedding date or plans that have been made public as of yet, I’ve basically been imagining Jackie and Kelso’s wedding since 2000. I imagine everyone in striped polo shirts and bell bottoms. Red will give Kunis away. Fez will officiate.

Based on exactly zero personal knowledge of the couple but copious amounts of time following both of their social media presences, I feel qualified to say that they seem like a fun couple. They post silly/ugly pictures of themselves mashing their faces together and adorable messages without being nauseatingly saccharine, so basically they’re my kind of people.

The couple has yet to release a statement, but Kunis was just photographed wearing what is quite obviously an engagement ring, and you can click over to E! to get a look.

Photos: Instagram