mila kunis ellen pregnancy cravings

Mila Kunis did an exceptionally charming appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday, and won everybody over (as if everyone isn’t already in love with her) with a candid interview about her pregnancy and engagement to Ashton Kutcher. Geez, that woman is charming, and they seem so happy together.

Kunis gave us a little run for our money by mentioning that the couple managed to keep their engagement under the radar for two months before anyone noticed anything. I find that completely shocking in this world of celebrity obsession where their every move is monitored by the masses, but Kunis chalks it up the to fact that “everybody had assumed [they]’d been engaged for so long.” And then one day, someone was like “hey, wait a minute, that was never made official! CALL EVERYONE!” And we did, and we all celebrated. I can’t believe they slipped it past us.

After the usual pregnancy talk (Kunis and Kutcher aren’t revealing the due date or gender but have a name picked out) and a feel good bit involving giving Kunis her pregnancy cravings (sauerkraut and pickles), they got into a bit about Kutcher as a supportive partner. Now look, I’m a human like anyone else, and I had a soft spot for Kelso as a middle schooler. So hearing about what a great partner he is is…not unpleasant.


Apparently Kutcher preemptively stocked their fridge with pregnancy foods–the usual pickles, ice cream, anchovies, etc, so that they could be prepared for any pregnancy craving eventuality. He’s also been learning Kunis’ native language of Russian for the last six months, so they can speak it to their spawn. Learning a new language is one hell of a time commitment, and that’s a really wonderful thing he’s doing. I’m never not going to enjoy a story about a couple that’s happy together and taking care of each other, because I’m a human person with feelings. That’s just lovely.

Photo: Youtube