Latest word out of the Miley Cyrus camp has nothing to do with unusual haircuts or wearing a bra instead of a shirt. No, no, it’s the other attention udder that Cyrus is so fond of milking: her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth. It involves their impending wedding… and it’s a whopper.

Apparently, in order to have the most dope/romantic social media event of the decade, Cyrus and Hemsworth will wed in three separate ceremonies. Not one. Not two. Three:

The two will wed in Los Angeles and then in Cyrus’s Tennessee hometown and then one more time in Hemsworth’s neck of the woods in Australia. The “Party in the U.S.A.” diva also plans to wear three different dresses for each ceremony.

Granted, planning and executing a wedding is only a true nightmare if you can’t pay a small army of planners and personal assistants to execute it for you–in this regard, it’s not so crazy that someone like Cyrus would want three ceremonies. She can spend what she wants and her responsibilities will likely amount to tasting different gluten-free cakes, going to Pilates and showing up for dress fittings (do you reckon she’s already called Marchesa?).

Still, we’re inclined to say this is the worst. This reaches Kardashian levels of narcissism and extravagance. This is the kind of insufferable vainglory exhibited only by those who throw themselves multiple birthday parties (sorry but true).

We kind of understand getting married in their respective hometowns–Nashville and Melbourne–but who’s the LA ceremony for? The paparazzi*?

It would seem the more sensible idea of having one destination wedding–buffered by a few lavish parties for friends/family who can’t make it–strikes some famous people as just too meager.

Though maybe we’re being harsh, which is why we have polls…

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(Divine Caroline)