Getting divorced? Submit a video to Miracle Whip, and they might shell out $25,000 for it.

The Huffington Post reports that the mayo spread, which is apparently either loved or loathed by consumers (I honeslty had no idea people felt so strongly about mayonnaise, learn something new every day), is capitalizing on what they call the passionate feelings that their product elicits through a contest called “We’re Not For Everyone.” As part of the contest, couples are encouraged to submit videos called “We’re Not For Every Relationship,” about the bitter divide (or overflowing love) that the condiment has caused between them.

The winner gets $25,000, towards either a wedding or divorce.

So. You could, if you wanted to, have a creamy white spread pay for your nuptials, or in turn, the end of your once-nuptials. Would you do it? Do you care? And perhaps more importantly, do you give a shit about Miracle Whip?