Melissa Stetten

Well, this is hilarious. While on a plane yesterday, model Melissa Stetten found herself seated next to some dude named Brian who kept trying to pick her up using all of the most tried and true methods: talking about how it was divine intervention that they sat next to each other, bragging about what a good, down-home guy he is, and meanwhile dropping hints about how he’s maybe kind of famous by talking about a project he worked on with Kurt Russell.

To amuse herself during this grueling ordeal (and it is grueling to be stuck on a plane with some douchebag that you can’t escape), Stetten live-tweeted the whole thing.

Well, it turned out that “Brian” was actually actor Brian Presley, and that while Stetten was tweeting, fellow actor Pat Healy figured out who she was talking about, and blew his cover — Presley, it turns out, is married, with a five-year-old kid.

The whole exchange is gaining steam ’round the internet this morning, and so to answer Stetten’s own question (see below), yes — she did just ruin Brian Presley’s life via Twitter.