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As everybody knows all-too-well, the economy still sucks. The job market is still sparse, money is still tight and individuals as well as public entities are constantly trying to cut back in order to save some money for the necessities. But what exactly are those “necessities” you should be spending your money on? Do they include sex? If you answered “yes,” you’re in luck: the Moonlite Bunny Ranch prices have dropped as part of owner Dennis Hof‘s own “stimulus program” for customers looking to spend their tax refunds.

Hof told the Huffington Post that he is offering people who bring in their government-issued checks to the Ranch (NSFW) double the amount in “bunny bucks,” which I can only assume are like Kohl’s Cash except instead of cheap underwear, you can get a half and half. An apparent beacon of patriotism, Hof stated that this is his way of “giving back to America.” This isn’t the first time he’s done this particular stunt: in 2007, he gave the first 100 people to bring in their refund checks the same deal. According to Hof:

“The girls make the money and they spend it at businesses which helps them. I make the money and then I hire people who spend more. It just keeps that money moving.

“People would say to me, I worked all my life and now the government’s getting me laid,” Hoff said. “So I thought, well you know what, if they’re looking for something to do with their tax refund checks, why not come here? We’ll leave the red light on for you.”

Strange as it sounds, I think this sort of sex GroupOn is not a bad idea. I once met a woman who had previously worked at the Ranch and she said it’s an overall great, safe place to be employed, so giving the women who are sex workers there a boost in business isn’t a negative thing.

One woman employed at the Ranch, “Bunny” Krissy Summers, states that she’s been assisting clients with their taxes. “Some guys want me naked and some want me to keep my clothes on. Some like the secretary look.”

Personally, I would love to have some extremely attractive person helping me with my taxes because that sounds much better than sitting in front of my computer with pajamas on going through paper after paper. And while I believe we should all be saving money for the future, and making sure we spend our dollars wisely on food, shelter and health-related goods and services, I also believe that if somebody has some extra cash and wants to have sex, he or she should be able to do so in a safe manner for all parties involved — and perhaps even at a discount, if the service provider so chooses.

Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch