engagement ring photo

Oh, God, another one? Another musical marriage proposal posted on YouTube for the entire world to see? This one is set to “Thrift Shop” and contains lines like:

Walk into the club I’m like, “What up? I gotta big rock!”
Nah I’m just pumped up bought some ring from the bling shop.
Ice on her hand, it’s so damn frosty
That people like, “Damn! That’s some cold ass honkeys.”

Oh, Christ. Fine. Fine. Here. Watch it if you must:


It’s a well made video and everything, I just kind of hate that this is a thing we are doing, now.

Look. I do not care if you post your wedding ring on Facebook. I actually think that is fun. Lots of your friends would ask to see your wedding ring were they to interact with you in real life.

But YouTube is not for your friends. YouTube is for total utter strangers. What are you doing? Why do you not realize that this is not a part of your life that needs to be led in public?

I guess the thing that irks me about this is that it seems to turn a wedding proposal – which is supposed to be an intimate, lovely thing – into something that requires applause from total strangers. That’s… not so great. That’s not something that you should feel a need to be applauded by strangers for.

Or maybe we just all live in public now, and private lives don’t even exist anymore. Everything, not just the revolution, will be televised.

Picture via WENN