Sometimes, people take completely misogynistic things and make them completely amazing. On the rare occasions that happens, it is wonderful. It is so wonderful. The hashtag #MyGirlfriendIsNotAllowedTo supposedly originated with stuff like “go out with other men” but now it has become the best thing on Twitter. There are gems like:

#MyGirlfriendIsNotAllowed to talk to anyone. I replaced all her contacts with my number. Go ahead, call ya dad, I’mma pick up.

#MyGirlfriendIsNotAllowed to have legs.. the fck she need them for?… to walk out of my life??

#MyGirlfriendIsNotAllowedTo drink any energy drinks. Wtf you need energy for? To get the strength to leave me? NOT TODAY!

#mygirlfriendnotallowedto eat Cheerios. You trynna lower your cholesterol and live longer than me to find a new man? Hell naw!

#mygirlfriendnotallowedto leave the house after an argument. SHE NEED A BREAK? SHE GONE HAVE A KIT KAT.

#Mygirlfriendnotallowedto laugh at other guys jokes while I’m not around. You better call me and we’ll decide if its really funny as a TEAM.

Honestly, the thing that I find nicest about this isn’t just that it’s funny – although that is great! I love funny things – it’s that most of the tweets are sent by men. Men who seemingly realize that your girlfriend is not a pet or piece of property that can only be allowed to do things with your consent. And, indeed, realize that concept is absolutely hilarious. Good for them. Good for them with their funny lines and seeming awareness that women are human beings.

Picture via Twitter