nakedFirst you bond with someone special, then one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re both in your underwear rubbing each other sensually. Once you disrobe, the mystery is gone forever. Some mysteries are better left unsolved. The case of whether or not your sex-date’s naked body is terrifying is not one of those mysteries. Sooner or later, for better or for worse, you’re probably going to want to take all their clothes off.

No matter how much you like a person, there’s a special kind of anxiety that comes with seeing someone naked for the first time. Whether you waited a long time or are jumping right into bed with them, the anticipation is brutal. What if everything about them appears to be attractive and cool, but then they undress and reveal a racist tattoo or a sentient parasitic twin hiding under their sweater? More importantly, what if their genitalia freak you out?

Here are the 12 phases of seeing someone totally naked for the first time (in GIFs)-

Phase 1: You realize that tonight is the night you’re going to see their full frontal nude bod. How very exciting!

Phase 2: Self consciousness sets in when you realize they’ll see yours too. 

Phase 3: You like this person, so you hope, pray and expect them to look smoking hot in the buff.

Phase 4: But what if they don’t? You’ll be disappointed and feel like a shallow jerk. 

Phase 5: Things get hot and you’re heavy petting sans shirts. They’re human, you’re human. Everyone has flaws and things are still cool. 

Phase 6: You’re rubbing their genitals over the clothes and things feel sound, but you won’t really know until you see it with your eyes. Linger here as long as possible. 

Phase 7: Underpants are going to come off soon. You’re holding your breath that they don’t have a shriveled up dragon claw for genitalia, but you can’t stop picturing the worst. 

Phase 8: You’ve opened Pandora’s boxer briefs. They’re fully nude, but you haven’t examined it yet. 

Phase 9: It’s critical point. You either have to look at their bare bathing suit area or chicken out altogether. 

Phase 10: Face your fears, face their private part. 

Phase 11: What has been seen cannot be unseen. You’re either relieved, weirded out, or hornier than ever. 

Phase 12: The worst part is over. Now the real fun can commence.

Photos: Giphy, Shutterstock