Love is a beautiful and splendid thing... or whatever.

You guys, if the Mayans are correct in their assessment, shit is going to go down on December 21st of this year. Quick! Do the math — that’s 19 days left to get everything in order, live your life, have some fun and fuck that hot guy in your building, you know, the one who looks like Aaron Paul!

And because we’re running out of time, those who want to get hitched before they die should do so right now. Don’t wait! Don’t hope the world isn’t going to come to an end! Jump at the fact that you’re alive now, have love in your life and you should make it legit! Living in sin is so 2011.

With time of the essence and no need for money or bank accounts after the 21st, you might as well blow all your cash as soon a possible. On what, you ask? A ridiculously awesome flash mob proposal obviously! Which will then be followed by a ridiculously awesome wedding that will hopefully involve a dress by Lady St. Petsois JuJu.

For the bargain price of $20,000, you can fulfill your dreams of what Gilt is calling a “flash mob wedding proposal experience” at New York City’s Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro. Hello, fantasy sitch! The proposal will have to take place on December 12th — which means you have a shit ton of planning to do between now and the 21st, but some thrive on last minute stress so basically those are the types already in heaven over this idea.

As our friends at Styleite explain, the “elaborately planned” evening will not be half-ass in any way, shape or form:

The deal comes with an award-winning choreographer who will create a dance to the music of your choice, a group of hired flash mobbers who will pose as diners before erupting into song and dance around the happy couple, a videographer to tape the event (so your proposal can go viral, obviously), and a five-course meal with wine pairings.

Some people have rent; some people have absurd dreams that they just let stew. But then there are those who are quite convinced that the Mayans knew what’s up and will be skipping out on rent this month to make this flash mob proposal thing happen.

And the rest of the country wonders why therapy is such a booming industry in New York City…


Via Styleite